Submit application

Filling out the secured application form online. You are required to fill the exact personal information of the applicant(s) that must be matched with the information on your passport(s).
Fill out the Visa form

Pay Service Fee

Double check your information again to make sure it is correct & pay for the service fee. Payment can be made by using Credit/ Debit Card via PayPal or cash via Western Union.
Visa fee guide

Get approval letter

Your visa approval letter will be sent to your registered email within 1-2 working days with instructions for necessary documents and procedure to get visa stamped upon arrival in Vietnam.
What is Visa approval letter

Get visa stamped

Present your passport, visa approval letter, photo, the Entry and Exit form along with stamping fee to Immigration officers to get your visa stamped at the arrival airport in Vietnam.
Apply Vietnam Visa

How many ways which citizens of Hong Kong (China) can apply for the Visa to Vietnam?

At present, there are 2 ways which citizens of Hong Kong (China) can apply for the Visa to Vietnam:
1. Contact the embassy of Vietnam in Hong Kong to apply for the Visa directly.
2. Visa on arrival – Apply online and pick up the Visa on arrival.
You are required to apply online in advance for the Visa letter. Use the Visa letter to pick up the Visa into your passport at Vietnam airport when you arrive.

What is Vietnam Visa on arrival?

Visa on arrival is an alternative way for traveller to obtain their visas to travel to Vietnam.
Instead of contacting the Vietnam embassy to apply for the Visa directly, you can apply online in some easy steps for the Visa approval letter. This Visa approval letter (Pre-Approved letter) will be used to pick up the Visa into your passport when you arrive the airport in Vietnam.

Is Vietnam Visa on arrival legitimate?

The short answer: Yes. Vietnam Visa on arrival is completely legitimate.
Your Visa application will be processed under sponsorship of our partner travel company. On behalf of you, we will work with Immigration Department in Vietnam. Vietnam Immigration Department will check and approve your Visa application and return the Visa approbval letter to you by email. The Visa approval letter is approved and issued by Vietnam Immigration Department. So once you have your visa approval letter, you are ensured to have visa stamped onto your passport if you have full required documents (visa approval letter, passport, 02 passport-sized photos, Vietnamese visa application form and stamping fee) at Vietnam airport when you arrive.
Especially, the Article 6, Chapter III of the Ordinance No. 24/2000/PL- UBTVQH 10 dated April 28, 2000 on Entry, Exit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam specifies that foreigners who enter Vietnam for visit under programs organized by international tour enterprises of Vietnam will have to deal with a travel agent who will forward their visa applications over to the immigration office.

Advantages of VOA

  • The process of applying for a Vietnam Visa on Arrival is rather simple and straightforward – Just some easy steps and completely online.
  • Vietnam Visa on arrival saves your time – especially if you need one urgently.
  • No hassle with sending away the passport. 100% online procedure. You just submit your passport information to complete the Vietnam Visa application form, no need to come to the embassy of Vietnam in person.


  • Visa On Arrival works only with Air Travel so if you plan to come to Vietnam by crossing the border or on a cruise, you can not apply for the Visa on arrival.
  • The wait time at the airport can be long. You will have to wait in line from 15-30 minutes to get your visa stamp, though the traffic depends on where you are flying from and on what day.
  • Visa On Arrival is often processed on a group basis – you may find your name in the Visa approval letter on the list with another 15 applicants you probably will never know of.